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Our Safety Program

Our health and safety program is the foundation on which our business is built and the footing which allows us to thrive. Industra believes that nothing we do, and no job is so urgent that we can’t take the time to do it in a safe manner. The welfare of our employees is our greatest concern. At Industra we have developed and implement the most effective health and safety policies and procedures with the ultimate goal of eliminating workplace incidents and injuries through training, education and awareness. 

Team Engagement

Our workforce need to feel safe to perform at optimal levels. They need to trust and believe that our programs are designed with their safety first and foremost. Active engagement by those that do the work ensures that they are able to work in high risk environments safely and with high efficiency.

We have a proactive safety policy. We consistently train our workforce and our employees and contractors are empowered with the authority and responsibility to stop work if they believe conditions are unsafe.
Exceeding Expectations

We exceed industry standards and are always seeking to take our safety practices to the next level. We have created an interactive safety culture where all team members are encouraged to be involved, creative, and vocal. You will see and feel the difference in our company. We do not view health, safety and environmental concerns as problems; we see them as opportunities to have consistent quality, a high-functioning healthy team, and an active role in keeping our environment safe. We develop work procedures that meet and exceed local, provincial and federal standards. Exceeding expectations is the Industra way.

COR Certification

We are proud to say that we have a team at Industra whose dedication to safety has allowed us to achieve and maintain our Certificate of Recognition. The COR shows clients that proactive safety is our number one priority.

ISNet and Avetta

Industra is registered with ISNet and Avetta, allowing us to monitor and maintain the compliance and operations requirements of our clients and contractors.

Zero Harm 365

As we have grown and evolved, so has our safety program and culture. With the introduction of the Zero Harm 365 program, we have clearly identified our commitment, and our plan, to achieve our goal.

Industra will not compromise the health and safety of our people, the public or the environment. To this extent, our goal is simple, Zero Harm 365. We will strive to cause no harm to people, no harm to the public and no harm to the environment.

We STOP. We Plan.

Planning our days, tasks and jobs lead us to overall success in execution of our projects. Ensuring that the Health and Safety of the workforce, the public and the environment is at the forefront of every discussion and has been considered since day one. Industra will never compromise.

We Work.

Only after extensive planning, hazard assessments and open discussion, do we start work. While performing our tasks, no matter how small, the health and safety of everyone remains priority #1! Workers are empowered to stop work at any time if an unsafe act or condition arises.

We Go Home.

The final phase of the Zero Harm 365 program ensures that everyone who works on an Industra location returns home safely. By planning our tasks, performing our tasks with care and diligence, we can ensure everyone returns home to their loved ones, healthy and safe.

Professional Team. Professional Results.

Industra is proud to have industry leading certified personnel, including master and journeyman trades workers, professional engineers, Gold Seal Certified workers, NCSO (National Construction Safety Officer) certified worker, Canadian Welding Bureau certified professionals and workers with  other trade and safety training certifications. This training and experience have given us the ability to be leaders in our industry when it comes to safety.

Bowen Island, British Columbia