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Industra is dedicated to operating as a responsible corporate citizen with sensitivity to and concerns for communities in which we work. Our employees take great pride in improving our communities. Our philosophy is to fully participate in the community and always make a positive impact.

Our Community participation includes:

  • Donating labour, materials and equipment to local charitable projects
  • Providing employment to local tradespeople and providing skills and upgrades
  • Contribution to the local economy by engaging local vendors, sub-contractors, suppliers and other local services whenever possible

Industra has built a professional culture that believes in and supports the premise of giving back to those in need. It is a culture not only perpetuated by generous contributions made by the company, but by contributions made by a very large percentage of employees willing to donate their time and talents to great causes that impacts our lives.


Industra has built a premier organization around the principles of our Core Values, and recognize the importance of environmental responsibility. We are proud to say that our practices encompass social responsibility, environmental stewardship and economic benefit.