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Indigenous Affairs

Icon and label - Indigenous Affairs
Industra has extensive experience working with and within First Nations and Inuit communities. From Fort Ware, BC and Flin Flon, MB to Clyde River, NU, we have completed over 25 First Nations projects utilizing community personnel, equipment, materials, hospitality and services.
We understand and respect the culture and encourage our team to get involved by giving back to the communities in which we work. We strive to develop long-term and lasting relationships.
Field Level Skills Training
Industra will employ and train personnel on all construction projects under our direction and within your community. We will supplement our crew with a percentage of eager and ambitious individuals that wish to develop a construction trade. We will engage local manpower in all aspects of construction from the ground up and provide pre-apprenticeship skills training to prepare for the next step.
Apprenticeship Programs
In the past, we have prepared and sponsored select individuals into the Apprenticeship Training Program. The Industry Training & Apprenticeship Commission (ITAC) supports the development, maintenance and delivery of designated trade and occupation training programs that contribute to the development of a skilled First Nations workforce.
Employment Opportunities
Industra works throughout western and central Canada. We offer long-term employment opportunities to skilled trades. We undertake unique and complex construction projects and can offer a great future within the construction industry.
  • Apprenticeship Registration
  • Carpentry Training
  • Formwork Training
  • Earthworks and Utility Construction Training
  • General Construction Skills Training
  • Blueprint Reading
  • Equipment Operation
  • Small Tools Operation

A Partnership with a Purpose

Industra is proud to bring our pre-apprenticeship program directly to your community, supported by careful planning and dedicated partnerships. We can help build upon your community’s infrastructure and provide construction skills training and workforce development to your members.
  • Community Development
  • Federal Set-Aside Projects
  • Private Infrastructure Projects
Our list of partnered communities, projects, and other collaborations is ever growing.
Fort Ware, British Columbia