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Water and Wastewater Treatment Construction Canada

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Treatment Plant, Reservoir and Pump Station Construction Experience

Our team has successfully constructed over:

  • 20 wastewater treatment plants.
  • 30 water treatment plants.
  • 30 pump and lift stations.
  • 20 concrete and steel reservoirs.
  • 20 projects within First Nations communities.
  • 50 projects in remote locations involving off-road access, barge only access and air only access.
  • 10 projects involving diving work, raw water intake pipes and outfalls.

We are an infrastructure leader with extensive experience in water and wastewater facility construction. We have a deep knowledge of the process and operations of such facilities. We understand complex and remote work with challenging logistics. We always involve and work with the communities in which we work. We are a general contractor with a strong self-perform ability, giving us total control over our projects schedule and quality management. We have the people and the equipment to deliver all earthworks, utility piping, concrete, rebar, building construction and process mechanical all in-house.